Korfball Challenge 2019

From the 27th until the 30th of December 2019 the Korfball Challenge will take place in Topsportcentrum Rotterdam. Four days filled with korfball for all ages and side-events, such as the TeamNL Korfbal Fanday, clinic G-Korfball and the Youth Challenge.

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Program Korfball Challenge 2019

December 27th
08:30-18:30: Talents Challenge U19
08:30-18:15: Talents Challenge U13
Evening program
18.30: X: Talent TeamNL Korfbal - China
20:30: Y: TeamNL Korfbal - Diamonds (Belgium)

Zaterdag 28 december
08:00-18:15: Talents Challenge U19
08:00-18:30: Talents Challenge U15
13:00-17:15: TeamNL Korfbal Fan day (including clinics)
Evening program
19:00: Winner X - PKC/SWKGroep
19:55: Presentation The Netherlands U19
20:30: Winner Y - Fortuna/Delta Logistiek

December 29th
08:30-18:30: Talents Challenge U17
09:00: Youth Challenge (D-, C-, B-teams)
14:00-16:00: Clinic TeamNL Korfbal G-korfball
Evening program
No evening program 

December 30th
08:30-18:30: Talents Challenge U17
09:00: Youth Challenge (C-, B-, A-teams)
Evening program
17.30: Match for fifth place
19:00: Match for third place
During half time: Presentation The Netherlands U17
After match for third place: Celebration world title TeamNL Korfbal
20.30: Final 

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Information about the Korfbal Challenge playing rules and the Korfbal Events-app will follow.