EKC 2018 - Recap day 6

EKC 2018 - Recap day 6


Three matches in Gorredijk on day six of the IKF European Korfball Championship 2018.

Serbia - France
It wasn't long until France was 4-0 behind on Serbia, but resilience proved to be key once more. Even before halftime the French had turned the score around and got an 8-11 lead. The Serbs got back to an one point difference, but they were not able to equalize the score. The French seized their second victory of the tournament. (13-16, statistics)

Wales - Poland
A match with big interests, to win would be to directly qualify for the WKC 2019 in South-Africa. De Polish really wanted to qualify and it was visible in their game. Wales got a 1-0 lead, but after that in was the Polish who ruled. In the last quarter of the match the tension seemed to get the better of Poland and bit by bit the Welsh made a comeback until 13-13. The last bit of the match, the game was sloppy from both sides, but the Polish turned out to be the strongest in the end and won. With that, they qualified for the WKC 2019. Tamara Siemieniuk was top scorer again, she scored six times. (15-19, statistics)

Slovakia - Ireland
Again, not a great match just like the first time both teams met. At half time, the Irish were in the lead with one goal, but Slovakia only managed to score twice in the second half of the match. With the win, Ireland qualifies for the WKC 2019 in Durban, South-Africa. James Norman became top scorer with four goals. (9-13, statistics)


Datum: 19 Oct 2018 uur