EKC 2018 - Recap day 7

EKC 2018 - Recap day 7


Day seven, the day of the semi finals at the IKF European Korfball Championship 2018.

Scotland - Serbia
All of Scotlands matches were tense and this one was no exception. After three quarters the Schottish had a 20-16 lead, but the Serbs fought themselfs back in the game. With two minutes left, the score was even at 21-21 and tension grew for both teams. With twelve seconds left, the Scottisch headcoach took a time-out and gave some very clear instructions to his team. That paid off, because only two seconds before the end of the game, Joanna Cook scored the winning goal. The Serbs tried one last time for a draw, but failed. They rank fifteenth in this EKC. (22-21, statistics)

Hungary - Catalonia
Until half time, both teams were tight. In the second half, Catalonia took the lead and thanks to top scorer José Alvaréz Ándres the Catalans went on to win relatively easy over Hungary. For the Hungarian this was a great tournament, with the very important win over Poland which ranked them with the top-8 teams and therefor qualification for the WKC 2019 in Durban, South-Africa. (17-22, statistics)

Czech Republik - England
Both teams fought for every inch, like they did in all their matches on this EKC. The Czechs were in the lead for almost the whole game, but with two minutes left to play, the English got a big chance to even out the score. Sadly, Blake Palfreyman missed the penaltyshot and the Czechs played safe in the last minute. On Sunday, the Czech Republic will play against Catalonia for the 5th/6th place and England will play Hungary for ranks seven and eight. (16-15, statistics)

Germany - Portugal
A historic semi final for Germany, who never before reached all the way to the final. It seemed to be a tight game in the first quarter, but Portugal just could not stand up against the Germans. The German girls were so much stronger, together they scored thirteen of the twenty German goals, where as the Portuguese girls only scored twice. Lots of joy and emotions at the German team after the last signal, they will play the final and will definitely win a medal at this EKC. Their first ever. (20-10, statistics)

The Netherlands - Belgium
The match everybody thought to be the final, but due to losing to Germany, the whole schedule got mixed up. The first quarter was exciting, with the Belgians who gave their everything to slow the Dutch down. After the first ten minutes it was only 5-3. In the second quarter, the Dutch managed to get a gap and after that the Belgians were done and dusted. Sadly, Jordan de Vogelaere could not finish the game, due to an injury to his ankle. It is unknown if he will be able to play on Sunday. The Netherlands reached the final once more and will meet Germany. (22-9, statistics)

Datum: 20 Oct 2018 uur