EKC 2018 - Recap day 9

EKC 2018 - Recap day 9


The final day of the IKF European Korfball Championship 2018!

Hungary - England
After a difficult start, the English were overall better. After three quarters there was a 5-15 score on the scoreboard, after which the English took a step back. That meant that the Hungarian could get back a little. Charlie Vogwill became top scorer of the match with eight goals. Balazs Berenyi became top scorer of the tournament with 30 goals in total. England finally ranks seventh, Hungary eighth. (11-19, statistics)

Catalonia - Czech Republic
At first the Catalans seemed to have the best of the game. At halftime they had a three point gap and nothing seemed to be out of sorts. But, in the second half the Czechs had way more rebounds and therefor more scoring-attempts. In the last quarter the Catalans came back a bit, but two missed penaltyshots meant the end of them. The Czech Republic ranks fifth, Catalonia ranks sixth. (17-20, statistics)

Belgium - Portugal
What a thriller this game was! Both teams were close for the whole 40 minutes and nobody dared to predict the winner of the bronze medal. Belgium had a headstart, with a 5-2 lead, but before the end of the first quarter the Portuguese evened out the score. What could be seen next was an exciting game, with both team putting a lot of effort in it. After the final signal the Portuguese were beyond happy, where as the Belgians were dissapointed with their loss. For the first time in history, Belgium doesn't win a medal at the EKC. Portugal wins the bronze! (19-20, statistics)

The Netherlands - Germany
Before the start of the game, both Wim Scholtmeijer and Wilco van den Bos said they wanted to make it a nice game, despite the expected difference between both teams. The scoringspercentage of the Dutch wasn't particularly high in the first half, which meant that the Germans could keep up with them. In the second half, the Dutch upped their game. Suzanne Struik scored the 17-7 and after that she got a special moment to say goodbye to the team and the audience. After twelve years, Struik decided to quit the national team. Just before the end of the game, captain of Germany Sven Mueller also got his goodbye-moment. After the final signal there was joy and happiness for every one. Germany wins a historical silver medal, The Netherlands continu to be European Korfball Champion! (21-9, statistics)

Datum: 22 Oct 2018 uur